How to Buy the Best massage chair

If you are a patient of back pain then massage is a good treatment option for you. There are massage parlors which offer this service. However, they cost a lot and most of the time the massage offered is not very effective in relieving back pain. So, what is the alternative then? The best means of getting a good massage is to get your hands onto a massage chair. It will help you in availing the benefits of massage while remaining within the comfort of your home and without having to pay a single cent to anyone.

However, do keep in mind that massage chairs come at a premium price. So, you should only buy the best massage chair available on the market. Going for a low-quality version might sound a good idea from a financial perspective but you will come to regret it in the long run. To make a wise decision, keep in mind the following aspects when looking to buy the best massage chair.


The dimensions of the massage chair refer to its size. You will have to make sure that the massage chair fits in the space where you wish to keep it. The best massage chair that you will find on the market is more likely going to take up a good deal of space. The reason for this is that the best massage chairs are slightly larger in size. So, it is important that you clear up some space in your living room or bedroom to ensure that it would fit in without issue.


Portability is an important aspect when it comes to buying best massage chairs. You need to go for a massage chair that is light in weight. The lighter the frame of the massage chair is, the easier it will be to move it around from one place to another. So, it is a good idea to look for a chair that is constructed using composite materials or hollow metal tubing instead of solid steel. Such massage chairs will be extremely portable and can be moved by just about anyone.

Automatic or Manual

When searching for the best massage chair, the most important decision you will have to make will be of whether to go for a manual version or an automatic massage chair. Automatic varieties of massage chairs are slightly heavily priced but offer more comfort to you. You can select the massage modes simply by touching the buttons on the control panel provided to you. Manual versions, on the other hand, are cheap but will have to setup manually to get the massage done.

Massage Options

The main purpose of buying a massage chair is to get the massage done. So, when shopping for the best massage chair you will have to check out the massage options that are being offered by each massage chair available on the market. The chair that is providing the most number of massage options should be selected. It is the most logical way to go about this. However, make sure that the massage options offered are in fact effective in relieving back pain.


The best massage chairs come with a sizeable warranty. The warranty is a type of a guarantee that is given by the chair’s manufacturer that their product is of the highest-quality and won’t malfunction or breakdown for a long period of time. Having the warranty ensure that if a defect is found in the product during use, the customer can get it repaired by the manufacturer for free. So, make sure that you only buy that massage chair which has a large warranty associated with it. Typically a warranty of 10 years to life is considered sizeable for a top-quality massage chair.