What is Proton Therapy?

Nowadays, it is believed that using proton therapy is an effective option to get rid of cancer. This therapy or treatment has been introduced after intensive research work based on case studies and experiments. Understanding the proton therapy is very important in order to discover the unbelievable advantages present in it. Patients who are interested in getting well soon should visit Seattle Cancer Care Alliance where they can learn more about it. At SCCA, you can meet with expert doctors and freely ask “what is proton therapy?” to gain more knowledge about it.

Superb advancement in radiation therapy:
With the passage of time, several applications and treatments have been introduced by the scientists to control tumors. It is believed that tumors of various types are increasing in the world. This is why it is very important to develop the safest and quickest control measures. Radiation therapy is one of the most important options available for the quick recovery.  Highly specialized and trained hands are required to use the radiations because of the damaging nature. In fact, these radiations are harmful for the human cells and tissues but these are effective to kill the tumors. Proton therapy enables the doctors to eliminate the tumor successfully. This technique is less harmful as compared to other traditional options.

What is proton therapy?
Proton therapy targets the tumors precisely because of the pencil beam scanning. At SCCA, you will be sent to PBS section where this treatment is offered by experts. Patients with complex cases are usually treated with PBS. This scanning enables the doctors to understand the exact location of cancer inside the body. Finding the right position and area under the tumor makes it easy for the experts to utilize proton therapy exactly. Don’t be worried about the radiations. We will use it for once with high accuracy. However, it doesn’t mean that only one treatment would be enough to burn the tumor tissues.

Get rid of common side effects:
Now it is very easy to avoid the side effects. It is believed that radiations used to treat the tumors always damage the tissues and organs. Unlike traditional radiation application, the proton therapy is more accurate and exact in its working. It allows the doctors to target the infected areas with a high precision. This is very helpful to avoid the side effects such as burning of healthy cells. Patients receiving proton therapy always recover faster just because of the accurate application. Saving the adjacent cells and tissues is very important for this purpose.

Don’t worry about costs:
After getting the answers of “what is proton therapy” it is recommended to find the costs required to use this technique. It is very easy to find the total costs. However, it is important to meet with experts because the cost of treatment varies case to case. The number of applications also changes according to the condition of patients. Therefore, you should book an appointment to meet with our experts at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.