Choosing Your IT Support Services Wisely

When you are running a company, it can be tempting to want to do everything yourself, but the reality is that there are 1000 other things that you could be doing than trying to set up and run the IT service. Rather than putting together a team at vast expense, you could meet with organisations who are experts at providing it support services and allow them to take over the day to day running of the system. It will both save you time and money.

When looking for a company to work with you should always check the amount of cover you get. You will want to hear that there is service 24 hours a day 7 days a week as problems can arise at any time. Having someone ready to start right away will be a good thing rather than a cause for concern, as it means they will have the level of staff to cover all possible or probable eventualities including the prospect of new business.

If you have the chance, speak to some of the staff and see how they speak about their role. Do they enjoy it and more importantly are they able to converse with customers regardless of the level of IT knowledge they have? You want to be dealing with experts, but also know that they can get details across to some of your staff who may not have the same level of understanding when it comes to the ore detailed aspects of IT.

You will want to know that they are going to be proactive rather than reactive. It is alright for a company to deal with issues that you take to them, but you want to know that they are monitoring well and either picking up the issues before you are aware of them, or more importantly, noticing and fixing them before you know there is anything wrong. If your service goes down it can have a major impact on your companies’ ability to function until it is up and running again

As with all business transactions, it will be ideal if you can get word of mouth references as it is a big deal to give so much power to another company. Websites may give details of how great the it support services are, but knowing someone prepared to say that they are as good as they claim will give you extra confidence.

First and Second Stage
The first stage upon discovering a fault will be to contact the service desk and hopefully the problem can be resolved remotely. If by some chance this is not possible, then further steps will be taken and this will usually sort things out once and for all. Ensure that there is commitments to fix issues not just try to fix them.

It is understood that many of the problems faced can be complex and with this in mind, staff should be trained to deal with all of the latest equipment and platforms. There has to be a wide knowledge base and if you are looking to hire a company to provide it support services then check out the re training that the engineers have.

If you have parts of your IT system for various sellers you don’t want to have to have them blaming each other and doing their best not to do the repairs and updates that are needed. An outsourced IT service can prevent you going through this as they will have staff that are proficient in all companies and will have someone around to deal with your issues. You can’t expect the company to run properly if the IT system is not.